Mutilation Ball – Season 1 Epsiode 2

With the Mutilation Ball Championship game on it’s way The Confederation is about to compete against The Dark Clowns. Having failed to beat the Clowns since their best player retired Chode and the crew attempt to find him and convince him to make a comeback. If Chode succeeds the Confederation promise to drop the charges he has against him.

2001 Space Idiocies – Season 1 Epsiode 7

In send up of the classic movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, Chode is hired to place a giant monolith on the planet of the Kubrickians. The whole thing turns out to be a dastardly plan by Darph Bobo to take over the planet so Six tries to talk Chode into going back to put things right. Thanks to the fact the planet has plenty of gold Chode’s decision is made a whole lot easier.

A Review of “Exposure: A Tribute to Star Wars” at News Askew

It seems like the guys at News Askew thought that Tripping The Rift was great, and we’re all eagerly anticipating next Wednesday when the show will be featured on Exposure. Be sure to check out the Sci-Fi channel at 10 o’clock in the evening.

The link to the article was originally posted at, but it has since been taken down so I’m afraid you can no longer see it.

Six as she nearly was.

So things were chugging along on TTR2 when a friend of mine at Sony mentioned that one of their animators was big fan of TTR and was willing to give us a hand if we ever needed it. So I got in touch with the animator, Steve Merghart, and asked him if he would take a crack at designing a new Six of One. Being the super-nice guy that Steve is, he eagerly accepted. Chuck and I had talked about giving Six a more Bruce Timm look to her (Mr. Timm is the guy that designed the characters for the new Batman and Superman cartoons), so I mentioned that to Steve and he went off to weave his magic.#

A few days later he sent me a drawing of the new Six in turnaround, and holy smokes was it cool (I’ll try to post that drawing tomorrow), so Chuck and I enthusiastically gave him the go-ahead to make the 3D version.

Unfortunately, the schedule on TTR2 was a tight one and N.I.C. didn’t have time to swap in a new model, but if more episodes of TTR are made they will most likely feature this new Six (or a variation of her). My deepest thanks go to Steve for his hard work. You can bet we’ll be contacting him again.

Oh and a word of caution — the pictures contain shots of Six topless, so if cyberbreasts offend you, you might want to skip ‘em.

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